Several of the setup tables provide editable grids that allow you to edit the information directly from the grid table on your screen. The three tables that allow this currently are the Common Travel Destinations, Drivers Table and Vehicles Table.
The editable grids are in three different sections of your setup table.

Destinations Section :

Common Travel Destinations Setup Table

Driver Section :

Drivers Setup Table

Vehicle Section:

Vehicles Table

At the top of the grid you will see that there is a “Full-Text Search” box.   You can search for any information contained in the table.  Once you enter your search you MUST click on the search symbol in order for the search to begin.
In order to clear the search filter, click on the clear filter button shown below.

Editing information from within the grid:

You can edit any of the information visible in the grid. Simply click on the box that you want to edit:

Now you fill in the information that you need to and then you can use the tab key to move to the next box:
The line that you’re are working with will turn yellow so that you will remember to save your work with the “Save Changes” box at the top.     

Once you have saved your changes the line will no longer be highlighted yellow.


Editing Information Not Visible in the Grid:

You can still display open and edit the entire setup table entry by clicking on the pencil icon on the far left of the grid for the entry you wish to edit.

If you click on the “Edit” tab, then you can edit the information here as well.

Exporting the Setup Table from the Grid:

By adding this new grid system you now have the ability to export all information from your grids! Just click on the “Export” tab and your Excel document will download.

Google Chrome shows the file at the bottom of the screen. If you are using Internet Explorer or FireFox then it may download differently.

Sorting Information in the Setup Table:

You can sort the information in the Grid by clicking at the VERY TOP of the column – just above the name of the column.  Click once and you should see an arrow in the column, indicating that the column is sorted.  Click again to sort Descending on that column.

Re-sizing Columns in the Grid:

You can re-size the columns in the grid by hovering your mouse on the divider between the column headings until you see the double headed arrow. Click and drag to change the column size.