Using the “Exports” tab in FireFox and enabling content in the spreadsheet

Click on the “Exports” tab in your Travel Tracker

Depending on your role you will see one of the following choices:

By Requesting Location

By Owner

By Funding Approver



In the export screen; whatever is showing will be in that excel document (if it’s only one page or many pages)

You can narrow your choices down by using the drop down menu.

Now you’re ready to click on the “Export to Excel” tab

Now a box will pop up that is going to allow you to open the excel document.

You need to click on the one that says:

“Open with” and it should already say “Microsoft Excel” by default.

Now click OK


When the spreadsheet opens up you will see a yellow bar at the top that says “Protected View”

Click on “Enable Editing”

Now you will have another yellow bar that shows up that says “Security Warning”

Click on “Enable Content”

You can now work in your spreadsheet