Cancelling a trip after invoice has been marked “Approved for Payment”

Go into the trip request by clicking the trip number and scroll down until you find the bus number.
Click on the bus number - if more than one bus was used for the trip you will have to repeat this process for every vehicle assigned
Now you are in the Invoice - scroll down to the section where you find the payment information (near the bottom) and if the “Approved for Payment” one is selected then you must select the one that says “Pending”

Click the Save and Close button to save your changes.

Now you can go back into the trip request. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you should have different options now.
Click on the on that says “Cancel Trip and Reservations”
A small box will pop up that asks you to enter the reason for cancelling the trip. Once you have typed that in, click “Yes” and the trip has been canceled.

Note :    If you ever need to see canceled trips you need to use your Trip Inquiry and in the status drop down select Canceled - then click the Apply Filters button.