How to Enter Mileage for a Completed Trip 

Go to the School Finance tab and select Vehicle Mileage Not Entered (if you are only wanting to enter mileage). All the trips that you have scheduled that require mileage to be entered will be listed here.

If you are responsible for entering mileage and driver hours you will want to click the option on the left that says Enter Mileage/Driver Hours on your School Finance tab 

From this screen, you can enter mileage for just one trip or for multiple trips.  There will be a column for estimated mileage and beginning and ending odometer readings.  Enter the beginning and ending odometer reading for each trip and then click on Compute for each trip.

You must Confirm Changes before leaving this screen or your data will not save.

If you are entering the mileage and driver hours from your Enter Mileage/Driver Hours option you will need to click the Save button after you enter the info. You will see that the Save button is now green