Generating the Overnight Out of State Board Report - Admin users

The Reports tab gives you the option to export data from the Travel Tracker application to an Excel spreadsheet.
Click on the Reports tab to see the export options available. To create an Excel spreadsheet for the Board Report, click on the Board Report menu item.
Any trips that are Overnight/Out-of-State and are in a pending status will be listed.  Click on the Export to Excel button to open Excel.  The trips listed will be exported to Excel.

**Once the excel sheet downloads you must enable the editing and enable the content in order to be able to filter and sort
If you want the spreadsheet to only list trips that are pending CO approval, click on the arrow next to Status.  This allows you to filter on Status and choose trips that have a status of Pending CO approval.  Un-check Select all and then check Pending CO Approval.  The trips in the Excel spreadsheet will now only show trips Pending CO Approval.


Print the spreadsheet through Excel. Your name and date will automatically be printed on the Excel spreadsheet.