Viewing overnight/Out-of-State trips

To view the Overnight/Out-of-State trips, click on the Trip Approval tab.
Click on the Trip Inquiry option on the left of the screen. You will see a filter box in the middle of your screen.

There is an option that says Overnight or Out-of-State - select Yes - The screen may refresh for you but just to be sure that your filters have been applied you must click Apply Filters in order for your search options are shown.
To see the details of the trip, click anywhere in the trip information to open the trip request.
If you would like to get an estimate of what the trip will cost, scroll through the trip request until you get to the section labeled Trip Estimator. Click on the arrow next to Trip Estimator to open the trip estimator.

The costs are calculated from the information that was entered in the trip request.

You can print the estimate if you'd like, by clicking Print Trip Estimate Only button.

Remember :  if you make changes to the estimate you must click the Compute button to see the changes.