Assignments for My School - Site Admins, Sec/Bookkeeper, Vehicle Owner

We have provided a view of all the vehicle assignments for your school. You can use the Trip Approval tab (approvers and site admins) / School Finance tab (sec/bookkeeper) / Vehicle Owners tab (vehicle owners)

You will see Assignment Inquiry on the left side of your screen. Once you have selected that option you will see the filter box in the middle of your screen. 

When viewing the vehicle assignments, you have the option to Download the Trip Ticket (with or without directions.  When you click on Download Trip Ticket, you will have the option to open or save a Word document that contains all the trip information and has sections where the odometer readings and passenger numbers can be logged as well as any comments about this trip.  The driver and person responsible for the trip will sign and date this form at the end of the trip.