Entering Trip Mileage and/or Driver Hours

We have provided a view to enter the trip mileage and driver hours for multiple trips from the School Finance tab.

Click on the Vehicle Mileage Not Entered option to view trips needing mileage.

Or, click on Enter Mileage/Driver Hrs to enter both mileage and hours.
Each trip that has not had mileage entered will be listed.  There will be a column for estimated mileage and beginning and ending odometer reading.  Enter the beginning and ending odometer reading for one trip or multiple trips and hit the Compute button.  When you hit the compute button, you will see the message Pending Change to remind you that you will have to click on the Confirm Changes button at the top of the screen to save the mileage that you have entered.

If you are entering mileage and hours you will see that the estimated mileage column is there for you, along with Beginning and Ending odometer reading boxes and boxes for the driver time. You must click the Save button on each trip after you enter the mileage and hours, before moving to the next one.

Once you click the Save button it will turn green and have the word Saved out to the side.

If you ever want to clear the saved ones from this view you must click the button that says "Clear Saved Documents from Screen"