Viewing trips that are ready for payment by an admin user (Finance Dept.)

We have provided an easy way to see only outstanding trips that require the payment to be posted, regardless of what invoice they are on.
Click on the Finance Department tab.
You will be defaulted to Pending Payment by Loc  
You have the option to review trips by location, invoice status, date sent, trip type, field trip event, and by trip number. You can also use the Sort By options.

When you review the trips by Payment sent, you will be viewing all the trips that have had the payment sent box selected by the school secretary. This means that when you receive the check, PO, or money transfer, you can then mark the invoice as Paid.
When you view Invoice Status of Paid for a particular date sent, this will list out all the invoices paid on a particular date.

As you mark items below as paid, the Total Checked “Paid” Below will calculate.

The Print button on this screen will print out the invoices listed.



If you click on the Tips for Receiving Payment button, you will get additional help for posting payments.
1. Click on the school you are working with from the drop down filter.
2. Optionally, select the check date from the date drop down. This may help you narrow the selection down to the trips that were paid on a particular check.
3. Click on the "Paid" checkbox next to each trip that you are receiving. The total will adjust as you click each item. You can confirm your total against the check total.
4. Enter your reference number. This could be a journal number, batch number, etc.
5. Click on "Confirm." This will mark all items and clear the total.


From this view, you can enter a reference number and then check Paid for multiple items in the Action column.  You can mark multiple items from this screen, however, you MUST use the Confirm Changes button at the top before leaving the screen to save the changes.  Pending Change in the Actions column will remind you to click on Confirm Changes because it will say "Pending Change"

Once the item has been marked as Paid, it will no longer be listed in this view.

If you need to review the invoice or would like to add a comment, you can click on the trip number to open the invoice. The top part of the invoice indicates the Trip number, destination, Date and trip requestor and any additional funding information.

The Ending Vehicle Use section shows the breakdown of charges for this trip.

The total cost indicates the payment that is due for this trip.
Scroll to the bottom and you will see the information for payment.  When you are marking a trip as paid, click on the Paid button.

You can enter a Batch/Journal entry and a comment.

Once you click on Paid, you will see your userid listed in the “Paid By” section.

Be sure to click the Save and Close button to save your changes. You will be directed out of that invoice and back to the view of all the invoices so you can move to the next one. 
Under the Finance Department tab, you also have the options to view trip requests and vehicle assignments.

Trip requests can be viewed by clicking the Trip Inquiry option on the left side of the screen. You can then use the filter box to select what you want to view.
Trip requests can also be viewed by clicking the Trip Requests By Trip Nbr option on the left of the screen.

You can then enter the trip number in the box.
Vehicle assignments can be viewed by location and sorted by clicking the Assignment Inquiry option on the left side of the screen. Then filter and sort for the trips.