Setting Stops over a certain speed limit to curbside stops

There is a helpful function called Highway stops. You can set up a speed limit to select the stops that are on these streets and then set the stops as curb stops.  This will ensure that stops on a highway or other high speed road are stopping on the curb side of the street.


To use this function, go to the Stops tab and then select Filters, Highway Stops.

The system will ask you for a speed limit.     This will show you any stops on roads where the speed limit is higher than the number entered.  Click OK

In this example you can see that 3 stops are on roads with a speed limit higher than 55 MPH.


To edit this stops to make them curbside, we can do a Batch Edit.  Select Operations on the SubTab and Batch Edit.

In the batch edit screen, use the “Set stop direction to curbside” option.  Change the option to Set.

Before you save on a batch edit, always make it a habit to check the number of stops affected.  In this case we can verify that there are 3 stops.  Click Save.