Custom Reports

Custom reports can be designed and added to the system.  The App-Garden can assist in adding fields and completing reports.  Custom reports are created as Microsoft Word .docx files with fields that will be filled in when the report runs.

The App-Garden can help you create a custom report.  To the right is an example of a bus card.  This is created and formatted in Word and saved as a .docx.  The App-Garden can assist with the field names needed.  


**Note that there is a marker at the top and bottom of the file to indicate that this is a Students report



To view or add custom reports, click on the profile icon in the upper right and then select Settings.  Select Custom Reports from the drop-down menu.




Type the name of the report, select the .docx file and click Save.


Once the file has been uploaded, it will be available in the tab indicated by the marker in the .docx file. In this example, if we go to the Students tab, Operations, and then Reports you will see the custom report in the list.