Creating a new User Defined Field

An administrator must create the User Defined field.  Click on the Profile icon in the upper right corner while signed on as an administrator.



Select “Settings” in the drop-down menu.

Drop down the filter and select “User Defined Fields”


Select which area the user defined field will pertain to.


Click on the “+ Add” button to add a new user defined field.

Select the type of field



Text – a free form text area

Number – allows only numerical values

Date – Provides a calendar picker for the user to select a date

Checkbox – provides a checkbox that can be checked

List – provides a drop-down list of specific choices for the user

Group – not currently used

Specify the field name and the field size.  In the examples to the right, the “Peanut Allergy” field is shown at various widths.




Example: ¼ width:


Example:  ½ width:


Example:  Full Width

For list Fields, you will need to click on the list icon and indicate what the drop-down list choices should be.

List Fields Only:




How this appears in the data:     Note:  The user can only select from the available options.

If you would like for this new field to be available in the filters you must designate this.  For example, for our new Paperwork field above, we might need to be able to filter and find students who have “No Paperwork”.

Click on the icon to generate filter list on the menu bar.

The icon will turn green and will be an indicator to you that this item is on the filter menu.  Click SAVE to save this setting.

In this example, we added the drop-down field “Paperwork” available on the menu.  Since this field applies to the “Student” area, we will now see this filter in the “filters” menu in the Students tab in the User Defined Fields option as shown.