Routing Students with Transfer Stops

To route a student with transfer stops, you should first create a new stop and label it as a transfer stop in the name of the stop.  For example, if we have a student that goes from home to Lincoln MS and then transfers to Wheatland MS, you would want to first create a Lincoln MS Transfer stop.

To create the transfer stop, go to the Stops tab and click on the + icon to add a new stop

Name the stop (we would suggest using the word Transfer in the stop name).  Check the box to indicate that this is a transfer stop.  Enter the address of the stop.  








Click Save.


Next, add the transfer stop to the appropriate bus route.  Go to the Routes tab and edit the route that will stop at this transfer stop.   In our example this will be bus 09.

In this example, we will click on the bus 09 AM trip and click on the + icon to add a new trip stop.

Select a stop from the drop-down.  You should see the transfer stop at the bottom of the list.





Select your time by clicking on the time of the stop and adjusting the time.




Click on the save icon.


You will now see the stop listed in the route.  Note – you can move the stop to another sequence by clicking on the sequence number and dragging it to the desired location.

To route the student, you will use transportation requests in the student record.  Edit the student that needs to be routed with the transfer.



Click on the Transportation Requests tab.  Create the requests needed.  In this example, we are going from Home (Whittier Ln) to Lincoln MS Transfer in the morning and then from Lincoln MS Transfer to Wheatland MS.     Set the times so that they are appropriate for the route.

Then click on the Bus Schedules tab for the student.  Click on the Search & Add Bus Schedule button


The system will automatically select the appropriate buses to make the transportation schedules work (as long as the transfer stop is on a route within the timeframe listed).


Click on the check box next to the routes to use.  Click Accept to save.