Understanding transportation plans

Transportation requests are a part of an individual student record and is a way to control how a student is routed when doing auto assigns or when using the button to add a new bus schedule.  These can be very helpful and can provide a great deal of flexibility when routing students.  Transportation plans can be added individually to a student record or can be generated in mass using the Batch Edit feature.

Using Transportation Plans Video

When you open a student record, there is a sub-tab for Transportation Plans.

If a student has NO transportation plans listed, the system will route that student to the nearest stop that has a bus going through that stop to their school when using an Auto Assign function or when asking the system to find a bus schedule for the student.




You can use the Auto Generate button to generate a from home to school in the morning and from school to home in the morning for a door to door stop.


You can also be very explicit and create as many transportation plans as you need in order to tell the system how you want to route the student. This example shows the transportation plans for a student who needs a transfer.

Example:  transportation plans for a student who needs to transfer