Creating a Hazard Zone

If you have a safety issue in a location, for example a bridge out or temporary flooding.  Creating a hazard zone will allow the system to re-route all routes in the best possible manner around the hazard.  Hazard zones can be defined as either permanent or temporary.

To create a hazard zone, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner.


Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.


Click on the General drop-down menu in the sub-menu bar.  


Select Zones from the list.

Enter an address in the search location to position the map in the area where you want to create the hazard zone.  You can also zoom in on the map in the area where you need to create the hazard zone.     Click the “Add New Zone” button.

Use your mouse to click the first point continue clicking to create a polygon around the area.  Double click to complete the polygon.


Click to edit the zone if you want to change the name of the zone so that the name shows on the map and is representative of the type of hazard.


Click on Save.


The polygon will be visible on the map and the boundary will indicate the name of the hazard.

If the hazard is a temporary situation, you can simply remove the hazard when the situation has been cleared up.