Adding an Aide to a Route

You can indicate an aide that will ride on a route.



Hover over the 3 dots and select the Edit icon for the route that you want to edit.


Click on the trip within the route to open the information.

Click on the 3 dots to the right of the screen for this trip.  This will open the trip properties panel.


You can type in the Bus Aide.     If the Bus Aide is listed as a Staff member in the Staff tab, the name will be displayed as you start typing the name.  If the Aide is not listed in the Staff tab, simply type in the name.





Click on the Save icon to save the Aide information.




If you want to add a stop to pick up the bus aide, a stop at that person’s location needs to be added to the trip.  For example:  Click on the + icon to add a trip stop.

Add the address of the aide or of the starting school location.  In the General area for this stop, you can add a comment to indicate that this stop is to pick up the aide.



When the route sheet is exported you will see the comments entered for the first stop.