Optimizing stops on a route

The Travel Tracker for Routes can evaluate your existing routes to determine if changes can be made to make the routes sequence more efficient.

Video on Route Optimization

You can ask the system to optimize stops on a route.  This is easy to do, and you can view the changes before deciding to accept them.


To optimize stops on the routes, click on the second icon while editing the route.


You can optimize all or part of the route by selecting the beginning and ending stops.  Click on the optimize button.






Example route - Before:


The stops that were adjusted are in red in the list and reordered and the map reflects the adjustments.




To keep the changes, click on the green save icon.  When you save, the stops will be renumbered to reflect the change.

After optimizing stops, you will want to either manually adjust the stop times or recalculate stop times.     Note the red indicator next to the stop times that were moved indicating that changes need to be made.

To recalculate the stop times, click on the Operations sub-menu and select Recalculate stop times.

Select the trip to recalculate.     In this example we do not need to adjust the other items on this screen.  Leaving the defaults will recalculate the stop times based on the attributes of this trip.  Click on the Recalculate button.