Resequencing trip stops is easy to do!  

Video on resequencing stops on a route and recalculating time

You can manually resequence stops on a route by clicking on the sequence number of the stop in the list and dragging the stop to the desired location.  The sequence numbers will turn red to indicate the change.  Click Save to save the sequence change.


After manually resequencing stops, you will want to either manually adjust the stop times or recalculate stop times.  Note the red indicator next to the stop time that was moved indicating that a change needs to be made.

To recalculate the stop times, click on the Operations sub-menu and select Recalculate stop times.

Select the trip to recalculate.     In this example we do not need to adjust the other items on this screen.  Leaving the defaults will recalculate the stop times based on the attributes of this trip.  Click on the Recalculate button.