Editing Route Information

To edit a route, hover over the 3 dots to the right of the route name.  Click on the edit icon (pencil).


The individual trips (route segments) will be listed for the route.  In this case, the AM and PM trip.


Click anywhere on the trip to expand the trip information.


This will list out each stop on the route along with the time of the stop, address, number of students picked up and dropped off, average speed and the duration and distance to the next stop.


Click on the ADDRESS of the stop to modify the time, directions or students assigned to this stop.  A panel will open at the bottom with additional options and tabs.




To modify the stop name, simply edit the name listed.  In many cases the stop name will be the same as the address name, but for special locations such as a park or particular building, you may want to name the stop to identify the location.  Changing the stop name here changes the stop name in the Stops tab as well.

To modify the time of a stop, click on the time.  A clock will appear.  To adjust the minutes, click on the



Click on the 20 on the clock to change the time to 06:20




To update the time of the trip stops following this one, click on “Update time of following tripstops”.



Click on the save button.




To adjust the location of the stop, click on the Edit location icon.


The stop will turn red on the map.     Click and drag the red dot to the correct location. Then click on the red Edit Location icon to save.





Note:  Use the street view icon to view the street view of this stop.







When a stop time changes on a trip, notify all the parents beyond that stop

Use the “Send notification” function in the trip detail page. Click on one stop and click the send notification function, then the notification will send to the students at this stop and the following stops.



Add or Remove Students from the Trip Stop in the route

To Edit or add/remove students from the stop, click on the Students tab in the TripStop Details.




Any students assigned to this stop on the route will be displayed.



To remove a student from the stop, click on the circle next to the student’s name.



The circle will turn to a red indicator.  Click on the Delete icon to complete the remove of this student at the stop.





Adding students to a tripstop in the route

To add students to the tripstop, use either of these icons.


The green icon will search and display unrouted riders near the stop.  The students will display in order based on the distance from the stop.




To add students to the stop, click on the circle next to the student(s) name.









Click Save.




To add a PARTICULAR student (by name) to a stop, use the +1 icon. This method will not restrict you based on the school the student goes to or where the student is located.


Start typing the student name and then select from the drop-down list.







The From stop will automatically populate.  Enter the To Stop.  Click Assign.




To adjust the directions from one stop to the next

Directions can be easily edited.  

Video on editing directions

From the Routes tab, edit the route using the Edit icon.

Click on the trip (i.e. AM, PM etc.) to open it

Click on the stop where you want to edit directions.  The directions are from the stop clicked to the NEXT stop.  When you click on the stop, a panel will open at the bottom that includes Tripstop Details. Within the tripstop details, click on the “Directions to next stop” tab.



The current directions will be listed.












The map will also be shown with this segment of the trip drawn on the map.


To manually adjust the wording of the directions that will be included on the route sheet, use this icon.


You can add lines, remove information and adjust this text as needed.  TIP:     Use your up and down arrow keys to scroll through the directions.


Click on the save icon to save the directions.  These directions will now be used for any route directions from between these 2 stops.



To change the directions using the map, use this icon.



Click on the route (a red dot will appear) and use  your mouse to adjust the route on the map.


You can click and adjust multiple points between the 2 stops.






Click the save icon and the directions will adjust.


TIP:  If you use the drag and drop to change the way the route runs, click on the Directions to the next stop, click to Edit directions and indicate to use the Auto Generated Instructions and then you can go back and make any notations or additions to the directions.