Creating a Transfer or Shuttle Stop

If you are transferring students at a location, we would recommend that you create a new stop that is specifically used as a transfer stop.  For example, if we transport students to Lincoln Middle School in order to transfer buses, we could create a Lincoln Middle School Transfer stop with the same address.  This makes reading the bus schedules easier!

Click on the Stops tab.  Click on the + to create a new stop.


Name the stop to include wording such as “Transfer” or “Shuttle”.  Click on the “Transfer Stop” checkbox to indicate that this stop is used as a transfer or shuttle stop.


Enter the address of the stop.


You may also want to adjust the defined stop time to allow time for students to transfer buses.


Click Save.


Then in student transportation requests or schedules, you would use this stop to indicate that the student transfers at this location.


In this example, the student’s transportation request shows going from home to Lincoln MS transfer and then from Lincoln MS Transfer to Sunshine Elementary.

Then when we search and add a bus schedule, you will be provided with options for each request.