To set the overall walkzone setting, click on the Profile icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select Settings from the dropdown options.


Select the walkzone boundary type.


None – do not use walkzone boundaries by default.



Circular – draw a circle around the school based on the number of miles indicated in the setting.



Example of a circular walkzone boundary:


Walkout – determine the walkout distance as measured by the nearest practical route on a public road based on the number of miles indicated in the setting.



Example of a Walkout walkzone.



Note:  Walkzones are indicated by dashed lines.



Setting the walkzone for an individual location

To set the walkzone for an individual school, click on the Schools tab.  Locate the school in the list, hover over the 3 dots and click on the Edit icon.

The walkzone settings are in the General tab.  If this is set to “Default”, this location will use the default system settings (see section above).  To set this location to a different setting, click in the setting area for the Walkzone Boundary Type.  Select Walkout, Circular or Custom.  See the definitions in the above section for walkout and circular.


For example, if your system is set for a 1-mile walkout zone and you want this particular school to have a .5-mile walkout zone, select Walkout on the Walkzone Boundary Type and indicate .5 miles on the school walkzone distance.



If you want to edit the walkzone boundaries, select the walkout option and set the default miles first and save.  Then select custom in the walkzone boundary type.  You can then Edit to edit based on the walkzone map that was created or redraw to completely redraw the walkout zone map.

If you click to Edit the walkzone boundaries, you will see circles that can be moved using your mouse.  Click and drag the circle points to adjust the walkzone boundary as needed.    

Click on Finish.

Click on Save.

To draw a completely custom walkzone boundary, click on Redraw.  The map will show no walkzone boundary.  Zoom in to see the location to the level of detail needed.     Left click with your mouse to create the first walkzone point.  Left click on the next point.

Continue until the boundary is correct.  Double click to complete the boundary.

Click on Finish.

Click on Save.