You can search for specific students by individual student names.  Let’s say for example that you have a list of students that you need to work with that can’t be filtered any other way except by a list of names.  

Video on searching for multiple students

Click on the Students tab.     (Tip, it might be helpful to open a second tab in your browser so that you can still see the full list of students in one tab)


In the search bar, type the word student and then type the first student name in the list (first name space last name).  As you type a name correctly, the name will appear in the list.

To type a second name, type a comma after the first name (no spaces before or after the comma).  For example:

student alan acevedo,sonnie acosta



As you type in the second name, the student will appear in the list and the counter will be incremented to help you keep track of the list.

Continue to type in the names separated by commas and no spaces.  Tip: If you have a long list of names, it can be helpful to open a Notepad on your PC and type the names in since the search bar is small and doesn’t allow you to see the entire list and then paste the entire list into the search bar. Once you have the students selected, you can use the Batch Edit feature to modify certain fields on these student records.  For example, you could set this list of students to Rider using the Batch Edit.