Search based on student name or street address

Use the Search box in the Student tab to search for a student name or street address.  You can enter all or just part of the first name, last name, street name, etc.


Search for students with “Adkins” in the name:


Search for students on Market St


Using Filters to select students             

The filter bar underneath the main Students tab will allow you to filter for particular students.  The filters can be used in combination with each other.

For example, to filter for students at a particular school or schools use the Schools Filter and select the schools from the drop-down list.


You could then add a second filter to filter by grade.  Unless you clear the original filter, you are adding an additional filter.  If we now filter by Grades and then select Kindergarten, we are viewing Kindergarten students at the selected elementary schools.

To clear the filters, click on the “X” in the search box.