Using User Defined Fields to track student specific information

User Defined fields can be created for any area in the Travel Tracker Routing software (Students, Schools, Vehicles, Staff, Stops or Routes).  An administrator has to define a User Defined field before it can be added.     User defined fields can be used to track any information that is specific to your district or requirements.


For example – you could use user defined fields for Students to track:

Eligible Ridership


Track Signed Paperwork


Once user defined fields are created, they will appear in the “User Defined Fields” tab in the student record.  User Defined fields can be filtered on in the Student Tab as well as utilized in reporting. 


See the section on Creating a new User Defined Field for information on creating new fields.


Open the User Defined Fields tab in the Student information to see and edit any user defined fields.


Make any edits and click Save to save your changes.

Click “Save” at the top to save the student information.


Video on User Defined Fields