If you have been working to create your routes in a sandbox and now want to move them to your default scenario, you will want to first make a BACKUP of your default scenario in case you want to use it again.  To do this, go to the year/semester in the upper right.


Click on the edit/add new



Choose the correct year/semester in the list.

We are basically going to add a new Sandbox and copy the stops and routes from the default scenario.     Click on Add Sandbox. Name it something like BACKUP DEFAULT on xx/xx/xxxx

Be sure to copy BOTH STOPS AND ROUTES.  Click on Create.

Click on the year/semester indicator again.  Click edit/add new.

Click Reset Default

Select the sandbox that you want as the new default.  Click Apply.

We are ok with this warning because we have a backup.  Right?? ?     Click on Yes.

Click on the year/semester and go to your Default.  This is your new live scenario!

NOTE:  ROUTES CANNOT BE AUTO GENERATED IN THE LIVE SCENARIO.     Be sure that you have completed in auto generation activities before moving your scenario to the default.