As many of you have been trying to adjust schedules for alternating groups of students, we wanted you to be aware that there is a new filter for the students so that you can select a group of students based on the last letter of their name.  This is wonderful if you want to create a user defined field for MT or WTh.  For example, if students with the last name beginning with A-L are in the MT group, you could create a user defined field for MT.  Then go to the students and filter select General and Last Name Starts With.


Tip:  To see how to create a user defined field – see this video:


Type in the letters that you are grouping together.  Click on Search.

Now that you are filtered, we will use the batch edit to set all of these students to MT.





Scroll down to see the User Defined Fields – Note you must be in your Default Scenario to batch edit the User Defined Fields!








Click the Green save icon


In this example, we set the MT field to Yes



Tip:  Watch a video on using the Batch Editing Feature: