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The Travel Tracker Administrator's Guide is attached below (scroll down and open the PDF at the bottom) and contains the following content:


Visual Indicators
Student Information
Add or update student information
Add or adjust Address information for a student
Add or Adjust Contact Information
Adding critical comments that pop up an alert up when opening a student record
Adding attachments to a student record
Using User Defined Fields to track student specific information
Searching and Filtering for Student Information
Search based on student name or street address
Using Filters to select students
Searching for specific students by name
Student Search and Filter Examples
Example 1:  Locating riders that are outside of the school boundary
Example 2:  Locating students without bus routes
Example 3:  Locate students who ride a particular bus
Deleting a Student
Viewing Students along with School Boundaries
Routing Students
Understanding transportation plans
Routing an Individual Student
Routing a student from the student record
Auto Assign Students
Real-Time Notifications
Sending Real Time Notification to the parent of an individual student
Sending Real Time Notifications to a group of parents
Sending Notifications to a filtered list of Students
To send real time notifications to parents of students on a particular bus
To send real-time notifications to all students at a school
Sending Real-Time Notifications to parents after a particular stop on a route
Setting up email contacts at the schools for notifications
School Information
Searching and Filtering for School Information
Viewing School Boundaries
Showing Students on the map with the location boundary
Editing School Information
Editing School Boundaries
Walkzone Boundaries
Setting the default walkzone for all locations
Setting the walkzone for an individual location
Adding a New School
User Defined Fields
Vehicle Information
Searching and Filtering for Vehicles
Editing Vehicle Information
Adding a new vehicle
Indicating where the vehicle is parked (Depot)
Integrating with GPS devices
Replacing a vehicle with another vehicle
Staff Information
Searching and Filtering for Staff
Editing Driver Information
Adding a Driver
Assigning a driver to a route
Assigning different drivers to various trips on the same bus
Sending Real-Time Notifications to Drivers
Stops Information
Finding a stop by an address
Editing a Stop
To see the street view of a stop
Creating a new stop
Creating a stop by clicking on the map
Creating a stop from the student information
Creating stops for each student within a group of students
Analyzing your stops
Viewing students assigned to stops
Merging stops
Creating a Transfer or Shuttle Stop
Corner Stops
Route Information
Viewing route information
Renaming a route
Editing Route Information
When a stop time changes on a trip, notify all the parents beyond that stop
Add or Remove Students from the Trip Stop in the route
Adding students to a tripstop in the route
To adjust the directions from one stop to the next
Generating Route Reports
Adjusting the days of the week that a route runs
Resequencing stops on a route
Optimizing stops on a route
Adding an Aide to a Route
Reviewing a new address to determine route options
Routing Students with Transfer Stops
Creating a Hazard Zone
Semester Rollover Process
Reviewing imported SIS Information or Parent Portal Transportation Requests
Completing items that need transportation review
Settings and Configuration
General Settings
Walkzone Boundaries.
Transportation Codes
Student Info (for medical and equipment needs)
School Types
Staff Types
Vehicle Designations
User Defined Fields
Creating a new User Defined Field
Custom Reports
Users and Security
Adding a New User
Adding a new Role
Refining what abilities a role has
Parent Portal
Sending Parent Registration Links
Viewing Parent Registration information