If your school district has given the option for you to enter a recurring trip you can use the instructions below. If your district has not turned that feature on you will not see the recurring trip button. The recurring trip MUST be identical (all travel info must be the same) except the date. 

When you are on your Main tab / Submit a Request entering your trip request you will do the following :

First you will enter your original trip date and time - keep in mind that this is a sample trip :

Now look underneath the trip date and time section - you should see the Recurring Identical Trips button - it looks like this :

When you click that button you will see a calendar - you need to go through and select all of the dates that this trip will occur - see example below :

After you have selected all you dates you must click the Accept button to lock those dates in - now that you have accepted the dates you will see them all listed on your request form - it will look like this :

Once the original trip has been approved at all approval levels you will see all of the trips listed separately (ex. the trip for 2/5, 2/12, 2/19, 2/26,etc)