When you are entering a trip request and you need to attach a document you will do this at the bottom of your request form. The document MUST be either a PDF or DOC - a DOCX will not attach to the request form. You will see the Choose File button - you need to click that - it looks like this :

Now a box will open and you need to select where your document is stored on your computer - I usually keep mine in the My Documents section - this process will look like this :

At this time - if you used a PDF or DOC - you will see your document attached to your request form - it will look like this :

If you have attached a document that you do not need you can click the trash can icon over to the right - it look like this :

*** If you do not see a document attached then that means you have used a format that is not accepted - you need to make your document either a PDF or DOC in order to successfully attach it. ***