If you want or need to print the driving directions for your upcoming trip you will need to open up your trip request and follow the instructions below. I'll start by saying that you can get to your trip request by clicking on your Main tab / look on the left side of your screen and click on Your Trip Requests / click the blue trip number of the trip that you need to open (the one in the example below is just a sample trip) - these steps look like this :

Now that your trip request has opened you will need to scroll down to the Main Destination section and you will see a button that says "Get Directions" - it will look like this :

Now that you have clicked the Get Directions button you will see that you have the option of print the Outbound Directions or the Return Directions (or print both) - Click one of the buttons (I clicked the Outbound Directions button) - that screen will look like this :

A box will open with your directions and you will see the blue Print button available for you :