Printing Permission Slips and Directions

Once a trip has been approved, a permission slip and trip directions can be printed.  From the menu options select “Your Trip Requests”.  Click anywhere on the trip.  Scroll to the section of the form where the Destination information is located.
Click on the Get Directions button to print out the directions to your destination.  Click on the Print button to print the directions.  Click on Close to close the window.
To print the permission slip, click on Download Permission Slip button. You will have a Spanish Version download button if your district has elected to provide a Spanish version of the permission slip.
Depending on the Internet browser that you are using, the permission slip document may be in your download folder or a window like the one to the right may open.
The permission slip is in a format that can be edited by Word. If you receive a security message when you open the document, click on Enable Editing
This portion of the permission slip has been created from the
trip request.  If you added
additional information in your
trip request, it will be listed here for the English version but not for the Spanish version. We do not want to rely on an automatic translator to accurately translate the information into Spanish.
You can add cost information to the permission slip and then print it using the Word print function.
The permission slip was designed so that the parents can keep the top half and return the bottom half.